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I've spent 3 hours watching this television and have been here on three different days. On none of them was the channel static-free but no one seems to bother here or anywhere else for that matter; TV's usually broadcast at least 30% snow in Ecuador. Oh they also usually hang in a weird angle, like this one.This is the second official building I had to go to. No they were not next to each other. Yes Quito is a big city (in fact 60 times 5 km. due to mountainvalleys). first time I had apparently not all the right stuff with me. Second time the door said: 'El dia de hoy no hay attention' , what basically means: we are not sorry and go away. Third time they didn't do 'censos' in the afternoon. Next morning, no doubt due to a flaw in the system, I got my Ecuadorian ID card. No idea why I need it or what to do with it. But I can stay for 6 months, that's nice.
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