Wessel Islands
Wessel Islands -

After the tip of Australia you sail to Thursday Island. It is, as David put it; 'where the grey nomads* go when they feel adventurous. An island, but a bit further away. From there you cross the Gulf of Carpentaria which is a long run. So far we had 'day-sailed' and anchored every night in a bay. Out of the wind, away from waves and swell. Now we would keep going for two nights and only anchor again the third one. We aimed for a group called 'The Wessel Islands'. The crossing went well, all 320nm of it and we found the islands fine. We really liked them and they had some nice surprises for us. Like this rugged shore line.

* = grey nomads are 55+ Australians who travel their backyard by 4x4 with caravan. A plague ;-)

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