Rainy camp
Rainy camp -

I am, technically, riding in the dry season. That's lucky but sometimes the luck runs out and it may bucket down. And then the luck comes back again when you randomly turn off the main road somewhere and find a perfect roof to put your tent under. So cool!!! Here I was 'found' by a local man, in a car, who could not believe I was honestly going to camp out here. Next to a graveyard. He asked me where I found the courage and kept watching the entire time that I set up camp. Then after darkness fell and he could not see anymore, he left. And came back. He had gone to a local family and asked if I could stay there for me. Now he came back with their son to tell me that I really should come and stay in their house. I didn't feel like it and said in the politest way possibe that it was ok and that I would rather stay. Is that rude?

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