Good friends
Good friends -

Coincidence? For months I worried about my route. More specifically, about me crossing Myanmar or not? Myanmar is off-limits for any overland travel. In fact you can barely get into the country other then by plane. Let alone cross it. It is also the only way to get over land from East Asia to India (and the west) or the other way around. Crossing former Burma is the holy grail of cyclists and drivers alike. So, naturally, I wanted to try. (and become a legend :-). For this I had to go to Ruili in the south-western province of Yunnan. I needed to talk to the Myanmarese border guard. For this I first needed to pass the Chinese one, without him (or her) stamping me out. The gentlemen in the picture, whom I randomly met in the streets, work at that very bordercrossing. They helped me.

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