Great man
Great man -

I had a little accident. Nothing serious, nothing lethal but inconvenient none the less. I was chasing three other cyclists, more about them later, who I knew were in Sofia. Then, 15km before the city.... my axle broke. This sucked as I was going to catch up with them and ride for a few days. Instead, I had to sleep in the bushes and walk for 4 hours to the city to try to find a bike shop. Now, how does one find a bike shop in a completely unknown city? Simple: ask a cyclist. As it happened I asked Ilian. A nice, english speaking, man who not only helped me find a shop, but also paid for the parts, bought me a coffee, let me use his phone to trace my friends and then rode me out of town to get me on track to catch up with them. As luck comes, I struck gold with this new friend!!!

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