My buddies
My buddies -

These are the guys I was chasing! Long story short, we deducted that we had been riding 'around' each other since Bangkok!!! How I found them (we do not have phone etc and are out on the road full stop): I knew which road the were on. I knew they prefered not to ride at night. I knew not much else. So, I decided to ride for my life and see if I could catch them. I asked local cops patrolling the roads against illegal immigrants if they had seen them. (the EU pays Bulgaria and Romania to patrol so that the rest of Europe doesn't get washed with people without  the right papers). Coming round a bend I figured I would have a quick breakfast in the sun. Then I heard the noise of tentpegs beaten together. It was my friends breaking up their camp after the nights sleep! Total chance of actually finding them!!! Meant to be I guess.

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